The Kepler Machines X-Ray Inspection System are simple, elegant and thoughtfully designed to provide outstanding threat protection. KS-XS-100100 is an advanced Multi-energy baggage scanner with a tunnel opening of 1000 (W) X 1000 (H) and it offers a compact design with increased dimensions for a wider range of placement. The KS-XS-100100 has been designed to meet the the needs of airport,parcel service, transportation hubs and custom facilities . With a powerful 160kV generator, the KS-XS-100100 provides crisp, high resolution images due to its advanced software and superior processing technology.

The low installation height of the conveyor system facilitates the connection of supplementary feed and/or discharge conveyor systems for heavy freight. The scanners offered by Kepler machines are composed utilizing most recent innovation, which assists with reducing the shots of mishappenings.The systems are equipped with Real-Time Diagnostics, which allows users to monitor system health and thus greatley increasing system lifespan. While the detection performance is far superior to that of other automatic systems, the rate of false alarms has been considerably reduced through the use of optimized algorithms.

Baggage Scanner - Double Energy

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Tunnel Size:1000 (W) X 1000 (H) mm
Conveyor Speed:.22 m/s
Conveyor Max Load:250 Kg
X-Ray Sensor:L-shaped array detector, 24 bit
Single Inspection Dosage:< 1.6 μGy
Leakage Radiation: < 2 μGy/ h
Wire Resolution:38 AWG
Steel Penetration:38 MM
System Power:220 V AC, 50 Hz