KMDH06 from Kepler Machines is a high perfomance Hand – Held metal detector that is primarly used for weapon detection. The system is Capable of detecting a wide range of threat objects composed of magnetic, non-magnetic metals and mixed alloys, and has been designed to meet the the needs of airports, law enforcement. pulblic events, correctional facilities and custom facilities.
Exceptional immunity to environmental interferences makes it easy to use even when electrical noise is encountered. The system allows a high level of discrimination between significant metal masses and personal metal effects.

Hand-Held Metal Detector

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Dimension:410mm (L) X 85mm (W) X45mm (H)
Operational Frequency:40 KHz
Alarm Sound:>75dB
IP Rating:IP31
Housing Material:ABS
Power:Standard 9V Battery
Operating Voltage:7V – 9V
Operating Current: < 50 mA
Battery Recharging Time:4 Hours