KBM400 Series Pneumatic boom barriers from Kepler Machines are designed for heavy duty opeations and hazardous operations where the use of a eletrical boom barrier is unsafe. The pneumatic piston ensures 100% duty cycle operation with 5 million MTBF rating. The solution can be easily integrated with any surveillance system such as License Plate recognition system, VMS and so on.Kepler offers a universal control panel to operate its surveillance solutions remotely from a security desk.

Pneumatic Boom Barrier

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Power Supply:220-230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption:120 W
Opening/ Closing Speed:3-4 Seconds
Control Signal:24V DC
Arm Length:3-6 Meters
Housing Frame:Stainless Steel
Duty Cycle:100%
IP Rating:IP 55
Weight:40 Kg