KUVF200 series is a fixed under vehicle surveillance system, designed to detect vehicle undercarriage in key areas of security such as airbort, publice events and so on. The improved detection speed, accuracy and security level enables the system to detect car bomb, hidden weapons, biochemical dangerous goods etc.he KUVF200 has been designed to meet the the needs of airport,parcel service, transportation hubs and custom facilities – in applications where high security is required.

Under-Vehicle Inspection System - Fixed

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Store or load time:< 1 Second
Image local magnification:> 2X
Display Resolution:1920 x 1080P
Communication Interface:RS232/ RS422
Scene Image Display:> 1 Channel
Scan mode:Line Scan
Vehicle Speed:1-60 Km/h
View Angle:175 Degree
Longitudinal resolution:2048 Pixel
Working Voltage:24V 240V AC/ 50-60 Hz
Structure Design:Single sealed design
Scanner Size:1200x350x210mm
IP Rating:IP68
Working Temperature:-40°C-70°C